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Nastja Pertsjonok

Phone +372 699 9480
  Nastja Pertsjonok has studied Scandinavian laguages and literature in Tartu University and Denmark and has been actively involved in dealing with integration issues both theoretically and practically. She is founder of NGO Ethical Links and was Head of Anna Lindh Foundation Estonian Network. A lot of her work is connected to Middle East and she also works with refugees in Estonia. Her topics are integration and migration, focusing especially on people with Russian or Middle-eastern background.
2019 Demokraatiaseminarid
2019 - 2020 Analysis of adaptation of new immigrants in Estonia
2018 - 2019 Study on volunteering
2018 - 2019 Study of popularising science and technology in Estonia
2018 INSA sotsiaalkampaania “Karjäär Eestis” ja audiovisuaalprogrammi “Meie Eestid” hindamine
2017 Mapping the training needs of youth workers
2017 Mid-term evaluation for implementation of VEPA Good Behavior Game
2017 Human rights and their basic values in the Estonian school and education policy
2017 - 2018 Extending the Scope of Labour Market Integration of Immigrants
2016 - 2017 Status of the Estonian Language
2016 - 2017 Parimad praktikad kolmandate riikide kodanike lõimimiseks kohalikesse omavalitsustesse
2016 Implementing IT solutions in youth work
2016 Üksikvanem ja tema huvide kaitse – ühiskonna nõrgema osa vaesuse vähendamine
2014 Needs assessment of the further training for teachers
2014 - 2015 Training of Belarusian young civil society leaders in participatory methods
2012 - 2013 Open Forums on Integration: Report on Recommendations by Third-Country Nationals regarding Estonia’s Integration Policy
2012 - 2013 Promotion of Equal Treatment: Impacts, Awareness and Policy Recommendations
2012 Young Citizens’ Panel: Politics is Cool!
2011 - 2018 EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) Research Network
2011 Research on the Situation of Persons Given International Protection in Estonia and Their Integration into the Society
2012 Integration-themed election debate
2010 - 2011 Services Provided for Asylum Seekers with Special Needs in Estonia in Comparison to the European Union Legislation and Practices in Other Member States
2010 - 2013 Public Engagement with Research And Research Engagement with Society