Having remarkably increased after World War II, the immigration into the countries of Western Europe, partially encouraged by the countries themselves, has made integration one of the most important political issues in almost all European Union countries. Although Estonia initiated its state integration policy remarkably later than European countries and even though its history of integration is rather short, it still can be compared to the countries that have already been implementing their integration policies since 1960s. The purpose of the current research is to give an overview of the integration policies employed by Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain as well as to indicate changes and directions in their policies. Studying other countries’ best practices will enable Estonian policymakers to obtain the information and ideas about successful policy measures and to use them in Estonian policy development. On the other hand, it is a comparison method that would enable Estonia to assess its policy by comparing itself to other countries. That is why the given study not only describes best practices in the field of policy measures, but also emphasises the general goals, structure and benchmarks of integration policy that Estonian policy developers could compare theirs too.

The report of the study consists of two parts, the first of which gives an overview of the immigration history, integration policy development process and its administrative arrangements in the analysed countries. The second part of the report is focused on particular policy areas and the actions implemented there, giving some examples of the projects and programmes that are being employed. Keeping in mind the challenges and problems of integration policy in Estonia, good practice examples are given in separate text boxes. In order to give more thorough descriptions of the measures mentioned in the research as well as additional reading for those interested in the issue there is a list of useful Internet links at the end of each chapter.


This publication is currently available in Estonian, English and Russian.

Estonian version: Integratsioonipoliitikad ja meetmed
English version: Integration Policies and Measures
Russian version: Политика в сфере интеграции и меры по ее применению