Mapping the field of multicultural education

The aim of the study was to map organizations and their activities in the field of multicultural education over the last few years, to give an overview of their competences and capabilities, and to gather ideas from practitioners on issues related to multicultural education and their possible solutions.

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Analysis of the Feedback to Community Practice

The purpose of analyzing the feedback to community practice was to systematize the experience of participants and gather information to develep the program, to support participants and to better acquaint target groups with the program.

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Mapping technological devices project

The aim of the project was to map forest and wood companies’ need for product testing and to explore the testing possibilities offered by Estonian research institutions. Testing in this context means testing the products or materials used in the forest and wood industry, including standardization and certification activities.

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Child participation in justice

The study found that Estonian court proceedings cannot be considered child-friendly in most cases. Among other issues, the right of children to be informed and consulted in practice, and the specific needs of children are often not taken into account during interrogation.

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Assessment of the effectiveness of the Kristjan Jaak scholarships

Based on documentation on the implementation of the scholarship scheme, existing reports, evaluation interviews, web surveys and focus group discussions, it can be concluded that the Kristjan Jaak scholarship program is relevant and up-to-date in its contribution to higher education development.

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