The aim of the project “Innovative Services for International Talents – Easier Access to the Central Baltic Sea Region (EXPAT)” was to develop a common platform for providing innovative services to increase the interaction among the expats, locals and private and public service providers.

During the project approximately one hundred institutions from the Central Baltic Sea Region and Amsterdam, The Hague, Toronto, Shanghai, Seoul and Tbilisi have contributed their precious time to the research work as interviewees or participants in the workshops. Moreover, there are more than 1000 expats from the Central Baltic Sea Region involved in an extensive questionnaire survey and several workshops designed to help the development of the Expat-platform pilot and policy recommendations.

The publications in addition to the policy recommendations, the inventory report and the final report included:

  • Inventory of Services and Networks
  • Tbilisi Study Visit Report
  • Findings of Pre-departure Services in Shanghai and Seoul
  • Seoul Field Study Research Report
  • International Talents Survey
  • Matrix Analysis Methods and Guidelines for the Workshop
  • An article: Retaining international talents in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region

For more publications, see the project’s website.