Fundamental rights

Jun 2015

The study found that Estonian court proceedings cannot be considered child-friendly in most cases. Among other issues, the right of children to be informed and consulted in practice, and the specific needs of children are often not taken into account during interrogation.

Sep 2013

Balti Uuringute Instituudi poolt on arengukava „Lõimuv Eesti 2020″ ettevalmistamise raames koostatud teemalehed lõimumist puudutavates valdkondades: 1) Ülevaade lõimumisvaldkonda käsitlevatest olulisematest statistilistest andmetest 2) Ülevaade […]

Dec 2012

The report summarizes the integration process before it enters its third round with the introduction of the new national integration strategy Integrating Estonia 2020. The problems and challenges that are monitored through integration monitoring surveys will inform the new integration policy and will guide the way towards the new policy goals.