juuli 2005

Developing specific guides and tools targeting innovative enterprises in the medical device sector, and validating such guides and tools through specific roundtable discussions between representatives from the financing community and the companies.

mai 2005

Creating an overall strategic framework and three regional action plans to enable to improve support actions on regional and national level and to coordinate better the developments in the field of innovation. In addition, the project helped to develop on bottom-up basis the priorities for the next National Development Plan outlining the usage of structural funds resources in Estonia during the next programming period as well as the renewed version of national innovation strategy – Knowledge Based Estonia.

veebr. 2002

Contribution to the knowledge to help to better integrate environmental issues in regional development plans and management and to integrate environmental protection with economic development and social policy.

veebr. 2001

Integrating the Estonian leading IST research and development labs and companies through the everyday collaborative RTD projects with the European academia, industry and innovation networks.