A new Internet platform for promoting the cross-border labour market mobility has been presented at the Centralbaltic Job Ferry project meeting

On August 28, 2012 the second workshop of the Centralbaltic Job Ferry (CB JF) project organized by the Nordregio took place in Stockholm. At this event a new Internet portal http://www.cbjobferry.eu developed in the framework of CB JF project was presented. This portal offers a data base of job profiles for the most demanded professions in the Centralbaltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden) identified during the research process. The information placed in this new portal could be useful for job and education seekers, employers, as well as labour market experts.

The new Internet portal offers information on the most demanded professions in the Centralbaltic region, specific requirements for starting working in foreign country, legal and social regulations, level of salaries in certain professions, education opportunities, employer’s organizations, potential employers, etc. The data base of most demanded professions available in this portal offers an opportunity for users to select and compare detailed information on countries or regions and professions according to user’s requirements and interests, including qualification requirements, education level and other different criteria related to employment. This information could be useful for those who are searching for a job or education in particular profession abroad, as well as for employers looking for qualified workers in particular professions. In addition, information provided by the web site www.cbjobferry.eu could be useful for those looking for additional information on employment opportunities abroad in such well known labour mobility portals, as for example EURES.

The new Internet portal www.cbjobferry.eu is already available online, but its contents are still being actively complemented and completed until at least 50 of the most demanded professions in each of the four Centralbaltic Job Ferry partner countries or regions will be filled in.

Project partners from Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden, as well as labour market experts from the European mobility portal EURES and representatives from professional education establishments, Foundation Innove (Estonia) and Competens (Sweden), Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transportation and Environment took part at the project workshop in Stockholm at the end of August.

The next public event where the new Internet platform will be launched will take place in Riga, Latvia on October 11, 2012. Results of the project and the Internet portal will be presented in next CB JF project events, including the project Workshop in Finland at the end of this November and final conference in Riga next April.

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