In the beginning of 2012 “CentralBaltic Job Ferry” (CB Job Ferry) project team has initiated the research on labour market trends and challenges in four neighbouring project regions of Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Finland. The aim of this research is to obtain a clear picture on  potential of the cross-border labour market by identifying availability of professional trainings in the target region, the most relevant and developing industries, as well as m the most demanded professions, information which is most often requested by job seekers from abroad and obstacles for cross-border mobility.

To perform a comprehensive study and to achieve reliable research results successfully, as well as to exchange experience and to learn from the best European practises in facilitating cross-border labour mobility the CB Job Ferry project partners organised  the Study Visit to  the German – Czech border region from 15th to 18th of November, 2011.

During the Study Visit project partners visited the Coordination Office of the “European JobGuide” platform in Munich and discussed practises of other European labour mobility projects and possible technical solutions for CB Job Ferry. They also had an unique opportunity to participate in the Seminar on cross-border European Labour Market Initiative “EURES T Bayern – Tschechien” (Bavaria – Bohemia, DE-CZ) at the German Trade Unions office, district of Bavaria, region Oberpfalz-Nord which provided an opportunity to learn from a practical examples of cross-border mobility between Bavaria and Czech border regions.

During the research process comprehensive and detailed statistical data analysis and literature review will be carried out. In order to have a deeper insight into current labour market trends in four project regions each project partner will also conduct a number of interviews among target group representatives. As a result of the project the multilingual web platform will be established containing relevant information on cross-border labour market issues, professional trainings, qualifications and job opportunities.

Therefore, we invite employers, job seekers, representatives from employment offices, labour unions and other interested parties to share your knowledge, opinions and practical experience with us to find best solutions on how to fulfil the demand of labour market.  If you are interested, please contact Kadri Uus (, the CB Job Ferry project coordinator in Estonia.

The project CB Job Ferry is a part of Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007 – 2013. It aims at improving the accessibility of clear, understandable and comparable information on four labour markets in the cross-border region of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden. The information – collected in a structured, transparent and searchable way and stored on a publicly available web platform – will be of a great value for job seekers, as well as enterprises, employers and investors already located or willing to settle in the cross-border region.

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Prepared by Denize Ponomarjova