Banská Bystrica Regional Innovation Strategy

The overall goal of the RIS process in the region Banská Bystrica was the creation of an environment that is fruitful for innovation and entrepreneurship in order to provide the region with sustainable economic growth to raise welfare.

To achieve this Environment, the existing institutions and organisations involved in the process were integrated in a collaborative network to reduce redundancies and make extensive use of synergy effects. The core objectives with this RIS were following:

– Creating the awareness of “entrepreneurial and innovation thinking” in the minds of the people

– Identification of key industries in the region in order to provide high-quality long-term jobs with equal chances for both genders

– Creation of networks and partnerships to enhance the information flow and  the transfer of technology and the diffusion of knowledge in the region

– Creation of innovation development supportive infrastructure

– Incorporation of regional governance into the innovation process

Thus, the main goal of Banská Bystrica’s RIS was a proposal of measures in order to increase competitiveness of the industry in Banská Bystrica self-governing Region through supporting R&D innovation potential of the region.