Apr 2020

The overall goal of this evaluation is to assess whether the funds contributed by the Programme caused positive changes in the Programme area and possibly outside it. The evaluation shall help to improve the quality of the design and implementation of programmes, as well as to assess their effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

Feb 2020



The role of the Institute of Baltic Studies in the project is to analyze the links between cultural tourism and economic development, consequently to propose impact assessment approaches and to contribute to the implementation of innovative data analysis methods.

Nov 2019

The analysis maps institutions involved in multicultural education and their needs, concerns, and suggests possible solutions to improve the situation.

Jun 2019

GreenSAM shows how minor adjustments in decision-making processes of public authorities can enhance the uptake and acceptance of eco-friendly mobility offers among senior citizens.

Mar 2019

IBS conducts the analysis of the adaptation of new immigrants in Estonia, which consists of conducting applied research to analyze the factors and services that predispose or hinder the adaptation of new immigrants in Estonia.

Jan 2019

The purpose of the study is to analyze the situation of volunteer work in Estonia, the changes that have taken place since the year 2013 and the possible causes of these changes and policy recommendations for the Civil Society program 2021-2030 will be developed.

Dec 2018

To get a more systematic and thorough overview of the answers gathered by the feedback inquiries ever since – the objective of the analysis was to evaluate what resulted from the program for the participants – teachers, tutors and students.