Mapping the field of multicultural education

Multicultural education is becoming an increasingly important educational policy issue. Today’s migration situation and the question of the future of the Russian-language school have created a demand for competence in multicultural education. Counseling, training, information, support, etc., has begun to be provided by various institutions and organizations with the support of different sources of funding. At the same time, developments show a significant lack of central management or of a coordinating body in the field and in the field. There is also a lack of an overview of the existing competencies of service providers or actors, as well as the need for funding for different target groups (eg student, teacher, parent, head of school, local government, all types of immigrants). To explore these issues, a study will be carried out which will map the institutions working in the field of multicultural education and their needs, concerns and suggest possible solutions to improve the situation.

Purpose of the study:

  1. To map the institutions dealing with the topic of multicultural education and their interrelationships: ministries, state institutions, local authorities, foundations, non-profit organizations, public legal entities (Estonian Public Broadcasting, universities), private companies, private state-run organizations and other legal persons. The study focuses on general education (pre-primary, primary, upper secondary), including a migrant child with special needs.
  2. Describe the financing scheme (e.g. project based, state budget, EU funds, stable operating grant, etc.)
  3. Provide an overview of the existing competencies and capabilities of the institution or organizations in the field of multicultural education.
  4. Provide an overview of activities undertaken by institutions or organizations in the field of multicultural education over the past 3 years.

The study will result in an analysis report containing an overview of the situation across all research topics, settlements and recommendations for solutions to the problems encountered.