Migration and integration


Monitoring of integration in Estonian society in 2015

The integration monitoring is based on the sectoral development plan Integrating Estonia 2020, which sets the strategic goal of developing an integrated and cohesive Estonian society, where people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds actively participate in social life and share democratic values.

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Coordinating the development and compilation of the study and monitoring model for the Estonian strategy of integration “Integrating Estonia 2020”

The Institute of Baltic Studies coordinated the preparation of proposals for the Integration Development Plan “Integrating Estonia 2020” for the planning of research, the establishment of the Research Council’s working principles, the definition of development plan goals and the development of a monitoring model of integration processes.

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Promotion of Equal Treatment: Impacts, Awareness and Policy Recommendations

The aim of this project was to analyse promotion of equal treatment in labour market and awareness altogether in Estonian society. The main target group were European third country nationals and persons without citizenship. In addition, activities were directed to additional groups: business leaders and human resources managers; Russian and Estonian media; local and governmental (ministries) policy makers, NGOs, experts, analytics and scientists.

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