oPEN Lab: transition to Positive Energy Neighbourhoods project

In the oPEN Lab project, 33 partners from 7 countries are collaborating to revitalise urban areas across Europe to lead the transition to Positive Energy Neighbourhoods in three living labs in the cities of Genk (BE), Pamplona (ES) and Tartu (EE). 

The aim of the oPEN Lab is to identify replicable, commercially viable solution packages enabling the achievement of positive energy neighbourhoods within existing urban contexts, and to test these technologies and package as an integrated solution at neighbourhood scale. Emphasis will also be placed on a user driven and participatory approach within the neighborhoods, aiming towards co-creation.

In oPEN Lab, IBS is the partner responsible for coordinating communication and engagement in the Tartu Living Lab, including leading the local engagement working group and collaborating with other partners on studying social innovation and technology acceptance. IBS is also the coordinator of the artwork project and the procurer of the smart home system installed in the renovated apartment buildings in the Tartu Living Lab.

Read more about the project on the project webpage.