Research on the use of the ICT solutions in Estonia

As part of the project „Estonian ICT Cluster” it was necessary to conduct research on the use of ICT solutions. Research was conducted using case studies, and its objectives were to map the experiences of those solutions by the clients and the positive effects generated by these solutions.

Research revealed that clients don´t usually evaluate the level of benefit gained from the solution (e-services). This investment is perceived more like as a necessary expense for the effectiveness of the company in a sense that important becomes its existence not the service quality or overall benefit factor. Another set of difficulties is presented when the project´s aims are relatively uncertain or it is innovative. In that case it becomes very important for the success of the project to have a managing board that is motivated, to be open for each other’s ideas, to cooperate with individuals both within the ICT project team and outside of it, to make early testing possible for the end-user, to keep focus on deadlines and maintain a stable set of individuals working on the project.

Research was ordered by the Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications and it was supported by European Regional Development Fund.