Inclusion and Exclusion of Young Adult Migrants in Europe

Ashgate has published a book titled “Inclusion and Exclusion of Young Adult Migrants in Europe”, in which the chapter “Estonia: A post-Soviet predicament” has been written by the analysts of Institute of Baltic Studies Kristina Kallas ja Kristjan Kaldur.

Inclusion and Exclusion of Young Adult Migrants in Europe presents analyses of research carried out during the course of the EUMARGINS research project, exploring the inclusion and exclusion of young adult immigrants across a range national contexts, including the Nordic welfare states, old colonial countries, Southern European nations and the Eastern European region. Scrutinising legal, policy and historical sources, as well as participation in labour market and education systems, this volume engages with multiple social arenas and spheres, to integrate research and provide a cohesive investigation of the dynamics of each national setting. In addition to the chapters focused on individual national contexts (Estonia, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK), the book also provides a comprehensive transnational analysis, developing a comparative perspective and explaining the overarching research framework. A carefully organized and comprehensive exploration of the exclusion and inclusion of young adult migrants in Europe, Inclusion and Exclusion of Young Adult Migrants in Europe will appeal to social scientists with interests in migration, population change, integration and exclusion.

The strength of this book lies in the detail of the contrasts that the comparative method stimulates. By having each chapter follow a common thematic framework the differences between the country cases stand out clearly, thwarting easy generalisations. Its focus specifically on young adult migrants is particularly valuable.” Roger Hewitt, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

This is an excellent collection that brings together new research and scholarship on young migrants in contemporary European societies. It provides a vital insight into the everyday experiences of this important social group and the intersections between inclusion and exclusion” John Solomos, City University London, UK

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