Migration and integration


Mapping the field of multicultural education

The aim of the study was to map organizations and their activities in the field of multicultural education over the last few years, to give an overview of their competences and capabilities, and to gather ideas from practitioners on issues related to multicultural education and their possible solutions.

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Analysis of Integration Monitoring Surveys (2000-2011)

The report summarizes the integration process before it enters its third round with the introduction of the new national integration strategy Integrating Estonia 2020. The problems and challenges that are monitored through integration monitoring surveys will inform the new integration policy and will guide the way towards the new policy goals.

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Local Governments’ Integration Policies and Measures

In order to ensure that local authorities are sufficiently involved in the integration process as a whole, a certain degree of consultation is needed, both between policy-makers and the institutions actually implementing integration, both in terms of adequate feedback and access to policy-making.

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