Strategic policy intelligence tools for better science and technology investment strategies in Europe’s regions

The RegStrat-project, which ran from 2007 until March 2009, was based on an ambitious integrating approach harnessing synergies from various knowledge stocks regarding strategic policy intelligence (SPI) tools, at different governance levels, in different policy and policy research fields, and in different actor communities of Europe’s regional, national and sectoral innovation systems. The main objective was to bring together, from research and practice, the dispersed knowledge regarding SPI tools such as Foresight, Technology Assessment, Evaluation, Regional Innovation Audits to develop and implement strategic policy intelligence tools for better science and technology investment strategies in Europe’s regions.

As a stimulation of regional contributions to the Barcelona 3 % goal, RegStrat was designed to generate positive impacts on increasing regional RTD investments, with a special view to the use of Structural Funds, i.e. through its impacts on the regional RTD governance and regional strategic knowledge base, interregional co-ordination and co-operation, and the interaction and complementarities with EU and national levels.

 The RegStrat project was a Co-ordination Action supported by the Regions of Knowledge 2-Program of the European Commission’s DG Research. The project consortium was composed of Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ), for Baden-Württemberg, as co-ordinator and the following partners:
  • IRER, the Regional Institute for Research of Lombardy, for Lombardia, Italy;
  • Forfás, the National Policy Advisory Board for Enterprise, Trade, Science, Technology and Innovation, for Ireland
  • Fundecyt, the Foundation for the Development, for Extremadura, Spain;
  • WUT, Wroclaw University of Technology, for Lower Silesia, Poland; and
  • IBS, the Institute of Baltic Studies, for Tartu Region, Estonia.

To ensure sustainability of RegStrat, the outcomes are adapted and implemented by SEZ in the EU-funded CReATE-project in the context of regional cluster development and interregional cooperation in the field of creative industries and ICT.

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