Smart City and Sustainable Development

The smart city concept incorporates a range of areas of urban life, from renewable energy production and more significant implementation to the introduction of green mobility solutions and new technologies and citizen engagement. In the context of the Smart City, IBS has previous experience organizing citizen engagement activities and conducting and evaluating social innovation, networking, and management, replication of smart solutions, and communication. In the context of sustainable development, we have been involved in several projects and studies promoting green and active mobility and have contributed to projects planning the strategic development of a fair transition and smart city.

We have developed and used several smart city tools and methodologies, both independently and with partners:

  • Planning roadmap – In the SmartEnCity project, IBS developed an interactive replication roadmap to help municipalities start and/or continue the process of creating an energy and climate plan and planning for a green transition.
  • Cities4ZERO – IBS developed a new methodological framework – Cities4ZERO – to support municipalities in planning and implementing carbon reduction (SmartEnCity).

In addition, IBS is one of the leaders of the Estonian Smart City Cluster, which brings together local governments, and works closely with the Tartu City Government and other Estonian municipalities. Mobility Lab of the University of Tartu, TalTech, and the Tartu Regional Energy Agency are among our good partners in smart city and sustainable development projects.

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