Ida-Virumaa co-creation process of a fair transition in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency

As part of this process, the Institute of Baltic Studies will carry out an impact assessment of the proposals made during the co-creation process and developing the Ida-Virumaa Green Plan. Green Plan is part of the Ida-Virumaa County Development Plan (Plan G), which includes not only the development of renewable energy but also the development of the circular, bio and blue economy. Plan G itself is part of the development strategy of Ida-Virumaa county for 2019-2030+.

This process has three major goals:

The impact assessment will be based on proposals developed by experts in the co-creation process. For this, a methodological framework will be developed that takes into account the specificities of this process and facilitates the development of the co-creation process and proposals effectively. The data collected from the workshops using this framework will then be used for the impact assessment. The evaluation will look at the potential benefits of the proposals in the context of a fair transition and analyze their potential impact on various economic and social factors.

The project is funded by the Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF), the Estonian Green Movement (ERL) and the Estonian Environmental Law Center (KÕK).