Central Baltic Job Ferry

Central Baltic Job Ferry project aimed to improve the mobility of labour in cross-border regions of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden which were hindered by several obstacles. These obstacles included limited access or lack of information on job opportunities and labour offices in the neighbouring countries as well as difficulties in recognition of qualifications of foreign job seekers. Cross-border partnerships between economic actors, relevant institutions as well as strategic investments were stimulated by offering comparable information on the four labour markets.

Firstly, the project partners ran a research process and analysed collected data locally. On the second stage, research results and data on four labour markets was compiled into joint study and used for creating a common multilingual information platform on labour-market issues, professional trainings, qualifications and job opportunities in the targeted cross-border area.

Project’s events aimed at exchange of knowledge and best practices, thus contributing to a better understanding of different national regulations as well as structures and working practices of labour authorities in the neighbouring countries.