Evaluation of the Estonia – Latvia Programme 2007-2013

On 11 January 2010 Enterprise Estonia, acting as host organisation of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Estonia – Latvia Programme 2007-­2013, invited interested parties to participate in a tender of the Contractor “Evaluation of the Estonia – Latvia Programme” and submit their offers. The evaluation of the Programme is to be carried out in accordance with (EC) 1083/2006 Articles 47 and 48.The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness, relevance and performance of the Programme, as well as the possible need to change the Operational Programme, and in addition, to facilitate policy learning among the management of the Estonia–Latvia Programme (ESTLAT) 2007‐2013.The evaluation was carried through by the Institute of Baltic Studies in consortium with Policy Research Centre Praxis.

More information: www.estlat.eu