Evaluation and policy analysis



The IMPACTOUR project proposes to bring together Cultural Tourism (CT) related stakeholders…

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Status of the Estonian Language

Institute of Baltic Studies, in cooperation with the University of Tartu, is carrying out a survey “Status of the Estonian Language”, which is designed to determine the situation regarding the status, learning, research, and development of the Estonian language.

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Impact assessment of the Swiss NGO Fund (2011-2015)

The assessment focused on the 62 social service projects that were implemented with the Fund’s funding. The assessment involved interviews and consultations by the implementers of the Fund, relevant public sector representatives, project managers and partners, area experts and also NGO-s who had applied for but had not received funding.

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Competitiveness of Estonian forest and wood cluster

The objective of study is to conduct an analysis of the competitiveness of the Estonian wood sector and identify success factors to lay the foundations at the national level to mitigate bottlenecks and strengths in the sector and provide quality information for decision making at the enterprise level.

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Evaluation of the Participation Practices in Estonian Government

The aim of the project is to analyse and evaluate intensively participation practices in nine Estonian ministries during 2007-2009, prepare methodology and framework for similar evaluations in the future and propose suitable policy recommendations for improving the participative culture in public sector in forming publicly important legal acts and development documents.

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