Institute of Baltic Studies is carrying out research to look into the implementation of infotechnological solutions in youth work. The aim is to map the e-services and digital solutions which are used in the youth work area in Estonia, and compile recommendations for adopting new e-services and IT solutions within the youth work field.

Even though Estonia is globally well-known for the digital solutions, e-services are underused when organising activities with youth, or fulfilling the goals set for the youth work area. In order to provide services and activities for youth in a way which suits their needs best, as well as to support young persons’ participation in the society, it is important to adopt contemporary methods. Using the e-solutions in the youth work area would enable to improve the collaboration between different sectors (educational, social, cultural, labour) in their work with the youth.  In addition, it would create better prerequisites to integrate formal and informal education.

When carrying out the activities with and for the youth, it is important to take their preferences and needs into account so that the activities would be more accessible and interesting for them. This will result also in the relevance and impact of the activities in the youth work field.

The target group of this study are people working with the youth (specialists, youth workers, youth leaders, etc and youth in Estonia (aged 7 – 26).

The methods used in the study are the following:

  • desk research (mapping and analysing the source materials in the youth work area)
  • mapping the practices of other countries
  • interviews with policy experts or people who implement those practices in other countries
  • a web survey for youth workers and young persons aged 7-26
  • focus group interviews with youth and youth organisations
  • expert interviews with people working with youth in Estonia (youth workers, youth unions and youth organisations)
  • foresight workshops


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