The aim of a landscape architect is to develop a complete spatial solution of the landscape as an outdoor space. The landscape architect creates comfortable, safe and interesting landscape spaces – both residential areas and recreation areas, as well as public urban spaces and private outdoor spaces for private clients. In addition, landscape architects participate in the preparation of general and detailed plans, assess the visual quality of the landscape and draw up plans for landscape maintenance, maintenance of green areas and preservation of landscape values. Cultural, social, economic, technical, environmental and other aspects are taken into account when planning measures and activities to promote, plan, create or restore the environment. 

There is a trend in Europe towards a more holistic approach to the design of the living environment and greater involvement of landscape architects in the development of the common space that supports a healthy lifestyle and well-being. However, there is currently no precise overview of landscape architects and the needs of the organisations that hire them in Estonia. In addition, several changes have taken or are taking place in the teaching of landscape architecture. In this context, the study aims to answer the following questions: 

  • Where do landscape architects work in Estonia and what is their education? 
  • What is the employers’ assessment of the need for landscape architects (including skills and competencies needed)? 
  • What influences starting a job in another field and then returning back to work in the field of landscape architecture? 
  • In which direction is the field developing? 
  • How to develop the study of landscape architecture even further? 
  • What are the trends of neighbouring countries in studying and applying landscape architecture? 

In order to find answers to the questions, an overview of the current situation and needs will be provided. This will be done based on document analysis, interviews and surveys.