Mid-term evaluation for implementation of VEPA Good Behavior Game

At the request of the National Institute for Health Development, Institute of Baltic Studies carries out the study “Mid-term evaluation of the VEPA Good Behavior Game implementation”. The objective of the study is to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the methodology of VEPA Good Behavior Game in Estonia, which will provide an expert assessment of how the activities have been launched during the first year of implementation and whether and how these activities and systems could be improved.

As a result of the mid-term evaluation, a set of practical suggestions will be compiled on how to use the methodology in the Estonian context and how to organize constant expansion at a system level in the most efficient way.

The goal of the mid-term evaluation is to explore whether the activity processes help achieve the aims of implementation and assess their relevance and sustainability.

During the mid-term evaluation, it is necessary to map out the bottlenecks of different levels (National Institute for Health Development, VEPA mentors, schools), outline the practices that need to be developed and list the practices that may be waived.

Another part of the assessment is evaluating the institutional preparedness for effective and high-quality implementation of the methodology in the planned scope (220 classes and 4500 students), which will continue to expand until 2021.

The mid-term evaluation focuses on the implementation of the VEPA methodology in the last two academic years (2015/2016 and 2016/2017), when the activities have been funded by the ESF and involve the following parties: