Mid-term evaluation of EU Operational Programme for Cohesion Policy Funding 2014-2020

Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, the Institute of Baltics Studies (IBS) conducts the Mid-term evaluation for the European Union Operational Programme for Cohesion Policy Funding 2014-2020 in collaboration with the Technopolis Group, Ernst & Young Baltic and Praxis.

The evaluation covers all the 14. prioritized directions of the operational programme. The mid-term evaluation seeks to assess the operational programme and its relevance, effectivity, impact and sustainability.

During the research:

  1. The achievement of objectives in the structural funds operational programme or the achieving of these objectives by the end of the operational period in the year 2023 will be analyzed.
  2. Concerning the structural instruments, both the contribution to and proportion in the change towards the prioritized course of the performance indicators achievement levels will be analyzed.
  3. The analysis of the relevance and effectivity of project selection criteria and methodology will be assembled and the need for a betterment of the projects selection methodology. Propositions will be presented, on how to raise the effectiveness of the prioritized courses, support the achievement of objectives and alter the project selection systems more effective.
  4. Analyzing, whether or not the indicators for measuring the achievement of objectives are sufficient, to give a high-grade estimation for the achievement of results and moving towars the objectives.

The mid-term evaluation also provides an input for the progress report, that is compiled in 2019 and also for the application of the performance reserve of structural instruments.