Monitoring of Integration in Estonian Society in 2017

Institute of Baltic Studies, in collaboration with PRAXIS Centre for Policy Studies, will carry out the monitoring of integration of Estonian society in 2017.

The concept for the design of the monitoring is based on the sectoral development plan ‘Integrating Estonia 2020’ and the objectives formulated in its implementation plan for the period of 2016-2020.

The target group of the survey includes all permanent residents of Estonia aged between 15 and 85 years and immigrants who settled in Estonia within the last five years. In the report, three important target groups will be distinguished: Estonians, Estonian residents whose native tongue is not Estonian, and new-immigrants.

The concept of the study follows the concept and methodology of the 2014-2015 monitoring study. It covers eight thematic focus points that are important in today’s integration processes: 1) education; 2) labour market; 3) the media; 4) language and culture of national minorities; 5) equal treatment; 6) citizenship; 7) language training; and 8) adaptation of new-immigrants.

The final report will be completed in May 2017.