On the Margins of European Community: Young Adult Immigrants in Seven European Countries

The EUMARGINS project seeks to identify key policy factors relevant to the transition of marginalised young immigrants – the change in individual and social positionings and perspectives over time – which influences movement from education/training into employment (or unemployment), with consequences for social inclusion or exclusion and active citizenship (young people’s membership in adult society), and their impact upon factors determining (i) competence, (ii) participation and (iii) responsibility at the individual level.

EUMARGINS will be conducted within a comparative framework. Since the project will compare metropolitan contexts in different parts of Europe, every epistemological and methodological presupposition will take into account this variability in order to produce data collection suitable for cross-cutting comparison and further heuristic developments in a policy recommendations perspective. The project uses a combination of participant observation, interviews and analysis of current statistics.

EUMARGINS is financed by the 7th Framework Programme of EU. The project lasts for 3 years – from 2008 to 2011. The research focus is on inclusion and exclusion of young adult immigrants in 7 European countries (Norway, Sweden, UK, Estonia, Spain, Italy and France). New scientific knowledge produced by EUMARGINS will be published in the form of journal articles, reports, policy briefs and a final book. For the dissemination of policy recommendations, policy workshops will be organised in each participating country at the final stage of the project. An international scientific conference on the research findings will be organised in cooperation with the EU in 2011.

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