Promotion of Equal Treatment: Impacts, Awareness and Policy Recommendations

The aim of this project was to analyse promotion of equal treatment in labour market and awareness altogether in Estonian society. The main target group were European third country nationals and persons without citizenship. In addition, activities were directed to additional groups: business leaders and human resources managers; Russian and Estonian media; local and governmental (ministries) policy makers, NGOs, experts, analytics and scientists.

Project consisted of three substantive parts. First of all, analysis was conducted to evaluate different projects about equal treatment promotion programmes and awareness, also to evaluate good practices in other countries regarding equal treatment in labour market. Secondly, a research was conducted among Estonian society about understanding Equal Treatment Law Act, which included both a quantitative survey and qualitative interviews. Subsequently, profound suggestions were made about continuing activities and policy measures regarding new integration programme.

The analysis was carried out in collaboration with Tallinn University Institute of International and Social Studies.

The analysis was funded by the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals.

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