Final Report of the Necessity and Feasibility Studies of the National Integration Programme 2008-2013

Praxis, University of Tartu, Institute of Baltic Studies, Hill & Knowlton and Geomedia participated in a consortium tender for “Developing a National Integration Program 2008-2013”, which carried out 6 feasibility and needs studies in the following thematic areas:

1) Education (including language courses for adults and students, history and social studies, civic education)
2) Tolerance and intercultural dialogue, media
3) Naturalization, sense of citizenship
4) Social risk groups
5) Labor market
6) Local government survey

This final report, which consists of this introductory section and six sectoral sub-reports, are also structured accordingly. In the introductory section, we provide an overview of the common framework (goals, methodology), societal context, empirical starting points explained by quantitative research regarding the overall goals of integration, their performance evaluation, and integration target groups.

The study group’s proposal for the further development of a system of performance indicators for integration is also annexed to the introductory sub-report.