Global Estonian

The purpose of this analysis was to better understand the information needs of Estonians living outside of Estonia and to collect thoughts and suggestions for the Global Estonian portal and its associated Facebook page and newsletter.

The analysis of the Global Estonian portal was conducted from July to October 2023 and was largely based on a survey involving 937 members of the Estonian diaspora community. The analysis also included a brief overview of Estonian diaspora studies conducted in recent years.

The results confirm the high interest of Estonians living outside of Estonia in activities related to Estonia and Estonian affairs. Of the Estonian diaspora members who participated in the survey, 69% follow events in Estonia at least once a week, and 88% do so at least once a month. Regarding the activities of the Estonian community in their country of residence, 56% of respondents stay informed at least once a month, and about a quarter (25%) follow events in Estonian diaspora communities worldwide at least once a month. Information about events in Estonia and Estonian diaspora communities is primarily obtained through Facebook (83%), Estonian newspapers and publications (73%), local Estonian societies or organizations (47%), Instagram (42%), and Estonian television and streaming platforms (41%).

One of the biggest challenges in communicating with the Estonian diaspora community is the vast and scattered flow of information. Currently, information is obtained from various portals, social media groups, and societies, but there is no comprehensive channel. 59% of Estonian diaspora members believe that it is important to consolidate necessary and interesting information for the diaspora community onto one website. The Global Estonian portal has been used by 18% of survey respondents, the associated newsletter has been used by 17%, and the Facebook page by 13%. However, more than half of the Estonian diaspora members have never heard of the Global Estonian portal or its information channels. To expand the user base of the portal, it will be necessary to introduce the portal to a greater extent to members of the diaspora community in the future and remind those who have heard of the portal of its existence.

For a more comprehensive understanding, please refer to the detailed analysis of the results.