Mid-term evaluation of the “My first job” action

The Institute of Baltic Studies is conducting a mid-term evaluation of the “My First Job” project supported by the European Social Fund and implemented by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The evaluation focuses on the period January 2015-September 2016. The activity “My First Job” is one of the activities of measure 3.2 “Labour market services to ensure better opportunities for participation in employment”.

The support provides wage subsidies and reimbursement of training costs to employers who recruit eligible young people aged 17-29 years by offering them an open-ended contract or a fixed-term contract of at least two years and, if necessary, on-the-job training and/or participating in job-related training.

The mid-term evaluation aims to find out:

the reasons why the action has not taken off as planned;
whether and how to change the activity;
whether there is a case for extending a similar support mechanism to the target group of non-working parents with child/children up to the age of 8.

To achieve the objective, the evaluation will assess the initial results of the wage subsidies and the reimbursement of training costs of the workers offered under the action and analyse the appropriateness of the conditions for participation, the functioning of the process and the bottlenecks.

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