Analysis of the Feedback to Community Practice

The purpose of analysing the feedback to community practice was to systematise the experience of participants and gather information to develep the program, to support participants and to better acquaint target groups with the program.

According to 910 students, 27 teachers and 102 tutors, who participated in and gave annual feedback to community practice in between the years 2013-2018, the programm was very valuable for broadening the students minds, enhancing social skills, obtaining a practical working experience and inspiring others to engage more actively in community life.

In addition to the practical experience, the participants of community practice noticed a change in their attitude. For example, a bettering of the participating students mentality towards volunteer work and people in need. The teachers and tutors also pointed out to a greater preparedness to contribute to community practice by the students and to the students higher satisfaction with the practice, than was expected.

From the students feedback the analysists concluded, that the students satisfaction with the experience obtained at the practice was affected mainly by the tasks performed. Because of that, it is important to choose an NGO based on interests and another significant aspect is the commitment to the practice by both student and tutor. Almost half of the students (46 percent) confirmed, that their tasks by the practice didnt consist of unpleasant activities and as much as 97 percent of the students was (rather) satisfied with the chosen NGO.

Despite the fact, that the contentment with participating in the program was high, the authors pointed out to some possibilies to improve the effectiveness of the program. Additional ways to explain the importance of a practice must be found and even greater attention must be paid to the preparation of tutors, teachers and students for the practice. Thereat, the analysists noted that the focus should be in choosing a practice organization, that emanates from the interests and abilities of the students and setting goals for the practice.

Based on the feedback inquiry, the participants value the support of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations highly, with regards to providing supportive materials, training and reports in order to help conduct community practice.