Analysis of the restructuring of ministries

The reorganization of ministries in Estonia in 2023 aimed to enhance management effectiveness and streamline policy implementation. The overarching goal was to avoid the compartmentalization of ministries. Environmental initiatives, such as green transition, and efforts to combat regional inequalities closely tied to this objective.

To achieve these objectives, five ministries realigned their responsibilities, establishing a robust Ministry of Climate Change alongside Ministries of Regional Development and Agriculture. Additionally, they reorganized the roles of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and the Ministry of Finance.

This report delves into the restructuring process from its inception on April 19, 2023, through the end of the year. Its focus is on recounting experiences, identifying challenges and successes, and offering recommendations for future similar endeavors.

The analysis adheres to three governance principles— inclusivity, transparency, and seamlessness— against which the restructuring’s quality is evaluated. Data collection took place in November and December 2023, utilizing in-depth interviews, focus groups, a questionnaire survey, and a co-creation workshop.

The report comprises four chapters:

  1. An overview of the restructuring’s scope and key metrics.
  2. Examination of overarching themes, including horizontal and cross-ministerial challenges.
  3. Exploration of sector-specific issues.
  4. Conclusions and recommendations for future restructuring efforts.