Assessment of the effectiveness of the Kristjan Jaak scholarships

The Archimedes Foundation commissioned an evaluation report on the performance of the Kristjan Jaak Scholarship Program. The purpose of the evaluation carried out by the Baltic Research Institute was to evaluate the effectiveness of the national Kristjan Jaak scholarship program initiated in cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Research and Archimedes Foundation on the basis of grants awarded during the academic years 2006/2007 to 2010/2011.

The purpose of the evaluation was:

Based on documentation on the implementation of the scholarship scheme, existing reports, evaluation interviews, web surveys and focus group discussions, it can be concluded that the Kristjan Jaak scholarship program is relevant and up-to-date in its contribution to higher education development. The KJ program is an efficient and effective program in Estonia.

You can read more about the evaluation results and recommended changes in this evaluation summary (please refer to Archimedes Foundation for the full report).