Tackling identity theft with a “Harmonized framework, allowing a sustainable and robust identity for European Citizens”

The mission of EKSISTENZ is to deliver a set of innovative and interoperable tools, procedures, methods and processes that will tackle identity theft in the EU. The entire life-cycle of identity will be taken into account and the privacy of citizens will always be considered paramount. In order to demonstrate the achievement of its mission, EKSISTENZ will develop a proof of concept relating to banking/finance that will be proven as scalable and deployable at the national level. The project consortium gathers together different types of stakeholders involved in the identity chain (authorities, solution providers, businesses), specialised technology providers (all well experimented with identity theft issues and tools), as well as legal and data protection and privacy experts.

The following reports have been written by or in collaboration with the analysts of Institute of Baltic Studies:

Common patterns on identity document usage in EU maps and analyses the most frequent patterns of both off-line and on-line use of IDs in six EU Member States (Austria, France Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and the United States of America in the context of common transactions involving either governments or private entities. For comparative purposes, also the ID use in the USA is presented. This deliverable informs the subsequent risk analysis of ID theft and the related societal risks in the EU.

Identity document usage and identity theft in EU is a conference presentation of preliminary results of our analysis of identity theft in European Union and the United States of America.


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