Cities multimodal – urban transport systems in transition towards low carbon mobility

The project wants to make it easier for people in cities around the Baltic Sea to combine walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing as an environmentally friendly alternative to using private cars.

The cooperation between cities, NGOs and expert partners from Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia aims at developing and applying a low-threshold approach for environmentally friendly urban mobility, attractive and easy to adopt for follower cities. The project focuses on dense inner-city areas, offering good opportunities for sustainable mobility.

Cities.multimodal comprises 3 thematic work packages which facilitate the planning and implementation of the following activities:

The biggest role of the IBS is mapping mobility planning systems used in different countries and developing criteria for common mobility IT-solution. IBS is also cooperating closely with Tartu city in developing multimodal transport systems in Tartu.

Cities.multimodal project is funded by the European Union.

Cities.multimodal Project Brochure