A book on Estonian European Union external border program  

The Institute of Baltic Studies is preparing a beautifully designed gift book that reflects the story and achievements of the implementation of Estonia’s European Union external border program. The program supports unilateral projects to support Estonia’s external border regions. Projects have been implemented mainly in North-East Estonia, Lake Peipsi region and Setomaa.  

The program supports the development of three areas:  

• Development of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);  

• Good governance at the local and regional level;  

• Environmental protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The program started as a cross-border cooperation program concluded between the Republic of Estonia, the Russian Federation and the European Union, but the agreement and the implementation of the program were interrupted from February 24, 2022, the work was reorganized and a unilateral Estonian EU external border program was created on the basis of the former Estonian-Russian cooperation program.