European website on integration

Maintenance of the European website on integration (EWSI) is a joint project of European Commission and Migration Policy Group (MPG) with the objective to maintain the European website on integration ( up-to-date and well functioning, in order to have a widely and easily accessible website for European experience on immigrant integration.

In particular, is:

• a documentation facility
• an on-line data collection tool for good practices
• a platform for the direct exchange of information between stakeholders

Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders working on integration issues at European, national, regional and local levels are at the centre of the Web Site. They create and share knowledge in the form of documents or good practices. They take an active role in posting news items and events. They use the Web Site both as a reference tool to learn from others and as a practical instrument to communicate information they have.

Since 2010, Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) has been the Country Coordinator for Estonia and is responsible for gathering, verifying and complementing the information regarding Estonian context. In addition to the country specific information and materials of immigrant and ethnic minority integration, the webpage has drawn together a wide list of different best practices in the field of integration and integration policies.

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