KÜSK AH21: Developing the communication capabilities of the Institute of Baltic Studies

The starting point of the KÜSK development project is IBS’ wish to increase the impact of our studies and other activities, or in other words, support decision-makers in making decisions based on facts and the needs of the society. The precursor to this is that the knowledge created by IBS is more widely used by groups influencing the development of the society. Thus, the aim of the project is to increase the capabilities of IBS to communicate its activities and created value to strategically important stakeholder groups and to engage these groups more to ensure IBS’ work meets the needs of the society.

More specifically, the aims of the project are:

To best achieve these aims, the development project entails several activities which can be divided into four types:

The project is supported by the National Foundation of Civil Society (Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital) with 19 745,07 euros.