Evaluating the advocacy of the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organizations 

The Network of Estonian Non-profit Organizations (NENO) unites Estonian public-benefit non-profit organizations and is working to develop an effective civil society where people have the will, opportunities, and skills to steer societal change through participation and collaboration. One of NENO’s key activities is advocacy: NENO participates in policymaking, closely monitors the developments that affect non-profit organizations, and stands for the principle that those affected by public decisions should have a say in their making. To increase the effectiveness of their advocacy efforts, NENO wishes to:

  1. Learn about the possibilities for advocacy organizations to monitor the effects and results of their activities.
  2. Learn how advocacy organizations (including those based in other countries) evaluate results.
  3. Generate ideas for monitoring and evaluating the results of NENO’s advocacy (possible methods and data sources).

In order to respond to these questions, the project analyzes relevant literature and the experience of other advocacy organizations (including those based in other countries).