On 29th September 2011 Institute of Baltic Studies together with the Estonian Ministry of Culture organised a workshop in Tartu titled „How to measure integration? The objectives, measuring and evaluation of integration policies”. The event’s main purpose was to rally policy-makers, policy implementors and policy analysts (reasearchers) to come up with new and exchange existing ideas of the pros and cons of the integrational policies in Estonia. Special emphasis was put on the problem of measuring and evaluating the progress of integration.

Presentations in the workshop:

Kristina Kallas: “Objectives of the workshop” (in Estonian)

Marju Lauristin: “Studies on integration and experiences of integration policies 2000-2011” (in Estonian)

Maren Sørensen: “Integration monitoring in Denmark” (in English)

Kristina Kallas: “Eurostat pilot study on indicators of immigrant integration” (in English)

Additional information: 

Kristina Kallas, kristina@ibs.ee, M: +372 5118311