Analysis of the Language Learner Programme and practices in other countries

The Language Learner Programme, administered and operated by the Integration Foundation (INSA), offers an excellent seasonal opportunity for individuals learning Estonian to enhance their communicative language skills. Participants engage in meaningful conversations with volunteer Estonian language mentors, either through email or telephone. The program is designed for Estonian language learners, preferably at level A2 or higher, and enthusiastic volunteers who are fluent in Estonian as their native language or at a native level, and are eager to assist language learners in their Estonian communication journey.

The analysis of this program serves two primary objectives. Firstly, it aims to scrutinize the data collected from completed datasets. Secondly, it endeavors to explore and map the practices of similar programs in various countries. The core focus of the data analysis is to unearth common obstacles, challenges, and opportunities within both participant groups. Moreover, it seeks to identify practical solutions and areas of satisfaction that warrant further pursuit in the future.

Beyond the insights gleaned from data analysis, this research effort will contribute valuable input for ongoing program development activities. It will inform the implementation of potential enhancements and offer policy recommendations based on the data analysis and an examination of international best practices.

The study will be divided into two distinct phases and will primarily employ two research methodologies:

  1. A quantitative approach, which encompasses the thorough analysis of data gathered from a questionnaire survey conducted by INSA among the target groups.
  2. A qualitative method, which involves the comprehensive exploration of similar programs in other countries. This phase also includes in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, namely INSA, and participants in the language learning program. Additionally, the qualitative aspect encompasses various elements in the survey report, enhancing the depth and richness of the findings.