Creative Destruction Management in the Baltic Sea Region

Economic development and national competitiveness are very much dependent on the quality of economic activities, and especially on the intensity of activities in terms of knowledge, technology and skills. The challenge of economic growth is more difficult for small nations than for large nations, but there are technological windows of opportunities that can be utilised via lesson-drawing from successful states. For instance, while the Baltic states are currently facing major problems, there have been successful states as well in the Baltic sea region. The Baltic states are falling behind their Scandinavian neighbours in most industries. They face growing challenges in strategic choices and in policies. In particular, the challenge for them is to catch up with the level of productivity and living standards of Scandinavian countries and most of Europe. The European structural funds has become one of the key instruments in strategic policy making of all new EU member states. For the structural funds period 2007-2013, Baltic states need to coordinate policy actions in order to upgrade and develop their economies.

The project was carried out in collaboration with PRAXIS.

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