Robotex Impact Study 2017–2019

This study aimed to explore the impact and importance of the Robotex event and to better understand its organisation and development needs. In addition to analysing other similar studies, this study included a questionnaire survey of Robotex participants and their supervisors.

The survey results show that most respondents are satisfied or rather satisfied with their last event. In particular, the professional running of the event, the exciting tasks, the large number of participants and the additional activities offered were the most frequent sources of satisfaction.

The main reasons for participating in Robotex are that the competitions are interesting for the participants, that they want to test their skills and that they want to work with friends. According to the participants, participating in Robotex and preparing for it increased their interest in programming, robotics and robotics classes. However, participation does not impact overall academic performance in school or university and has no significant impact on career choices and confidence in STEAM skills.

More details on the findings and results of the study conducted in 2021–2022 can be seen in the final report.