Awareness of young people in Tartu about Tartu Youth Council

Tartu Youth Council is a participatory body with advisory rights consisting of young people operating at a rural municipality or city council. The youth council typically discusses issues concerning young people within the competence of the rural municipality or city council and makes proposals based on the needs and interests of young people. Participating and participating in the work of the city youth council is one of the direct ways in which young people can participate in local life issues and in the work of the city council or rural municipalit

The aim of this study is to assess the awareness of Tartu youth about the work of Tartu Youth Council, its results and its role for youngsters. As part of the study, an analysis of secondary sources and an online survey are carried out among 14-20-year-old young people who are live and/or study in Tartu. In total the Institute of Baltic Studies will conduct two surveys, the first of which will take place in May 2021 and the second in May 2022.

This study helps to better understand young people’s awareness of Tartu Youth Council and their expectations, and tries to find ways to increase young people’s involvement in its work.

The first report of the study will be completed in July 2021 and the overall report in July 2022. The study is funded by the Tartu City Government.