Central Baltic Living Labs for Digital Services

The idea with the Ballad project is to open up the markets around Central Baltic Sea Region for Digital Service by developing living labs methods to support SMEs. The SMEs have digital services for a local market and by using the methods developed in the project the services can be transferred over to a market in a participating country.

It shows that there are good conditions for the countries to co-operate over the Central Baltic Sea Region in the area of Living Labs and Digital Services. We can learn from each other, support each other and support SME to use our methods to enter our local market with new competitive services.

Project Objective

The overall objectives of the project is to make the Baltic Sea region (and eventually all of Europe) a single market for digital, broad band-based services by supporting collaborative innovation based on local competitive advantage hereby also facilitating the access to innovations for users all around the Baltic Sea.

The goal of the project is the putting into place of an operative collaboration network (network of Living Labs) using models and methods that increases the transfer of digital services and open up the markets in-between the different regions involved in the project. The services will come from SMEs generating services locally and they will be spread effectively into other regions through this project. The Living Labs like organizations serve as natural hubs in this scheme.

More information: ballad-livinglabs.eu