Project: drOp – Digitally enabled social district renovation processes for age-friendly environments driving social innovation and local economic development
Duration: 1.10.2022 – 30.09.2025 (36 kuud)

The core ambition of drOp, a Horizon Europe project, is to develop an integrated renovation methodology (IRM). The aim is to transform social housing districts into inclusive smart neighborhoods.

It mainly aims to promote social innovation and boost the local economy. With that purpose, drOp will adopt a human-centred approach. Additionally, it will integrate innovative technologies and explore the growth creation potential of cultural and creative industries. The project revolves around two drivers: social innovation and local economic development. Both share the integration of innovative technologies as a guiding thread but with a human-centred approach and fit for purpose. The project will also explore the growth creation potential of cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in these processes of social neighbourhood renewal while strengthening social cohesion.

We utilize an understanding of users’ needs in one social housing neighborhood in Ermua (Spain). This process will be enriched by a peer learning method: Ermua will iterate with Elva (Estonia) as digitally advanced, and Matera (Italy), with their experience around the CCIs having been European Culture Capital 2019. This will also guarantee its replicability reinforced by Housing Europe, with the capacity to widely disseminate the IRM among its members as well as to foster and support its application.

Institute of Baltic Studies represents Estonia together with the municipality of Elva and The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL). Our role in the project is to develop replication tools, explore human-centered social business models and support co-creation activities.

City of Ermua (Spain)
Promosa (Spain)
Tecnalia (Spain)
Mondragon University (Spain)
Elva Municipality (Estonia)
EKYL (Estonia)
Institute of Baltic Studies (Estonia)
Matera Municipality (Italy)
Materahub (Italy)
Housing Europe (Belgium)

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Funded by the EU