Research infrastructure user experience study

Research infrastructure refers to the tools and systems used to generate, share, and store new knowledge. This includes everything from research facilities to databases and communication platforms. In Estonia, these resources are vital for driving research, shaping society, and supporting business innovation. To ensure their effectiveness, it’s advisable to centrally plan, prioritize, and finance these resources from the national budget.

To address the specific needs of Estonia’s research landscape, a roadmap has been developed to identify and prioritize key research infrastructures. This roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of nationally significant research facilities, serving as a foundation for informed decision-making.

To evaluate the satisfaction of users with the existing roadmap, a survey is being conducted. This survey will utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods to gather insights into user experiences. It will involve surveys among infrastructure personnel and users, as well as interviews and focus group discussions with infrastructure managers.

This survey is crucial. It will inform the revision and update of the roadmap by the Estonian Research Council (ETAG) in 2024. User feedback on accessibility and utilization will provide valuable input. It contributes to improve the quality and effectiveness of research infrastructure services in Estonia.

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