Synthesis report on Biotech National and EU Policies

This review was prepared by the Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) in the framework of the AFIBIO project based on various national policy documents on biotech funding

identified by the members of the AFIBIO consortium. The member states covered by this report are the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, and Malta. Additionally European policies and reviews of the biotech related activities of the 7th RTD Framework Programme, and a limited number of more general documents and news articles on biotech funding were taken into account (see “References” below). The following is based on the analysis of the profiles of the policy documents prepared collectively by the AFIBIO partners. Whenever the policy documents under discussion were available in English, the authors consulted during the preparation of this review additionally also original documents. The policies discussed in that section are divided into three categories: policies designed to support enterprises, policies designed to support research institutions, and policies designed to support both enterprises and research institutions in the area of funding.